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Study Finds Family Video Chat Can Reduce Risk of Depression in Seniors

  •   June 20, 2019
  •  Senior living articles 

A recent study conducted at Oregon Health and Science University found that video chatting can reduce the risk of depression in seniors. The study, “Using Skype to Beat the Blues: Longitudinal Data from a Nation Representative Sample” (link source at bottom) found that regular video chatting reduced the risk of depression by approximately 50%. However, only about 18% of respondents were using video chat. Additionally they noted that use of email, social media, or instant messaging doesn’t have the same benefit

As technologies advance and new products become available, most are not easy for seniors to use due to complexity and steep learning curves. Also, disabilities can prevent seniors from being able to use smart phones, tablets, or a laptop computer. These new technologies can also present a steep learning curve that can discourage senior use. Without access to modern technology such as recent family photos and video chat, seniors can become isolated and feel alone.

ViewClix mission is to make technology accessible for all. Once set up, ViewClix Smart Frames are remotely managed from afar by a family member or friend. Additionally, our auto answer feature means seniors do not need to remember any instructions, keystrokes or passwords to video chat.  When not being used for video chat the frames share a stream of photos uploaded by friends/family using our free ViewClix Mobile App or the Member Portal on

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Using Skype to Beat the Blues: Longitudinal Data from a National Representative Sample