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Celebrating the Holidays with Dementia: A Guide for Familes

  •   Oct. 11, 2023
  •  ViewClix tips  Senior Living Tips 

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. However, for families with a senior loved one diagnosed with dementia, it can also be a time of unique challenges. The hustle and bustle, the change in routine, and the influx of visitors can be overwhelming for someone with cognitive decline. But with a little preparation and understanding, you can create a festive environment that's comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Here are some tips to help you get your senior loved one with dementia ready for the holiday season:

1. Maintain Routine: One of the most important things for a person with dementia is routine. The holiday season often disrupts daily schedules, which can be distressing. Try to keep their routine as consistent as possible, especially when it comes to meal times, sleep, and medication.

2. Simplify Decorations: While holiday decorations can be beautiful, they can also be confusing or even frightening for someone with dementia. Choose simpler decorations and avoid those with flashing lights or loud noises. Remember, less is often more.

3. Stagger Visitors: Large gatherings can be overwhelming. Instead of hosting a big event, consider having smaller gatherings spread out over the holiday season. This allows your loved one to have more intimate interactions and reduces the chances of them feeling overwhelmed.

4. Create a Quiet Space: Designate a quiet room or area where your loved one can retreat if things become too noisy or chaotic. This space should be comfortable and familiar, with some of their favorite items.

5. Involve Them in Preparations: Depending on the stage of dementia, your loved one might still enjoy participating in holiday preparations. Simple tasks like folding napkins, helping with baking, or wrapping gifts can make them feel included and valued.

6. Play Familiar Music: Holiday music can evoke beautiful memories. Play some of their favorite tunes, but keep the volume at a comfortable level. Singing along can also be a wonderful bonding activity.

7. Add Holiday Pictures to their ViewClix Frame: The holidays are a time of reflection. Viewing old photos can be a therapeutic activity, helping them recall cherished memories and familiar faces. WATCH DEMO

8. Be Flexible: Understand that things might not go as planned. Your loved one might have good days and bad days. Be prepared to adjust your plans based on their comfort and well-being.

9. Educate Visitors: If you have family or friends visiting who aren't familiar with dementia, give them a heads-up about what to expect. Offer them tips on how to communicate and interact with your loved one.

10. Self-Care is Essential: Caring for someone with dementia can be emotionally and physically draining. Remember to take breaks, ask for help when needed, and take care of your own well-being.


In conclusion, while the holiday season can present unique challenges for families with a loved one suffering from dementia, it's entirely possible to create a warm, inclusive, and joyful environment. With a little preparation, understanding, and flexibility, you can ensure that the holidays remain a special time for everyone involved.

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