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Play Christmas Music with ViewClix

  •   Nov. 15, 2023
  •  ViewClix tips 

Get your senior into the holiday spirit and share Christmas music to their ViewClix Smart Frame! Music is a great way to bring joy and can help evoke fond past memories. Using ViewClix’s YouTube video sharing feature, sharing special music is simple. Below are instructions to share YouTube videos to your ViewClix frame: 

Step 1: Identify the video you’d like to share (we’ve included some of our favorites below).

Step 2: Copy the YouTube video URL. YouTube makes this simple, click the “Share” button and then press the “Copy” button. You are now ready to share the YouTube video link with ViewClix. 

Step 3: Open the ViewClix Mobile App and select “Share a Video Clip”

Step 4: At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a button labeled “YT” in red. Click this button. 

Step 5: A pop-up window will now display, use the “Paste/Enter YouTube Link” button to paste your YouTube Link. 

Step 6: Click the "Check" button to share the video. 

That’s it! The YouTube video is now ready to be played on your ViewClix Smart Frame!

There are two ways you can automatically play the video for your senior loved one. 

1. You can use the blue “Play Now” button that is displayed next to the video in your list of shared videos. This will automatically start the video on the ViewClix frame. 

2. You can have the video automatically play at scheduled times and days by using ViewClix’s Video Playlist feature. Here is a link with instructions to manage your frame’s Video Playlist: HOW TO MANAGE VIDEO PLAYLIST

Lastly, if the video is in your Video Playlist, the senior can use the ViewClix remote control to play the video if they’d prefer to manage it themselves. 

Here are three YouTube video links you can share with your Smart Frame (you can copy these links and share them):

Christmas Instrumentals:

Christmas Jazz:

Upbeat Christmas Classic Instrumentals:

ViewClix Smart Frames are the perfect all-in-one solution for your senior loved ones! Order your ViewClix Smart Frame today to start sharing and connecting!

Note: YouTube does not allow sharing of copyrighted music. If you attempted to share a video with copyrighted music, you'll receive an in-app message stating the video cannot be shared.

If you are searching for different types of music to share add the key words "no copyright" or "royalty free" to your search. For example, you could search "Gospel music no copyright" for music that can be shared with ViewClix.