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Senior Group Video Calls: Making Connections Simpler with ViewClix

  •   Oct. 26, 2023
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In today's digital age, group video calls have become the bridge that keeps families and friends connected, especially when physical visits aren't possible. Senior group video calls are particularly essential, helping reduce feelings of isolation among our elder loved ones. But what if platforms like Zoom or FaceTime are too complex for seniors? Should they miss out on these bonding experiences?

At ViewClix, our answer is a resounding "NO". We believe that senior group video calls should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their tech-savviness, cognitive, or physical challenges. This belief led us to design the very first senior-friendly, and dementia-sensitive group video calling system.

Why ViewClix Stands Out

With ViewClix, there's no need for confusing links, passcodes, or scheduled meetings. Seniors can seamlessly engage in group video calls without the typical technical hurdles. Here's how:

Ease of Use: Simply initiate the group video call, and the ViewClix frame auto-joins. It's the most user-friendly group calling system on the market.

Auto-answer Feature: If enabled, the call will ring at the frame and automatically begin. If it's disabled, seniors can simply press any button on their ViewClix remote to accept the call.

Joining and Leaving: Family and friends can hop into the call whenever they wish. The system supports up to four participants simultaneously, including the ViewClix frame user. And when everyone exits the call? The ViewClix frame automatically ends the session for the senior, reverting to their photo slideshow.

Most importantly, ViewClix eliminates the need for seniors to navigate links or figure out camera and microphone settings. Our advanced software manages everything, ensuring that senior group video calls are hassle-free and enjoyable.

Make sure your senior loved one can see their family this holiday season! Order your ViewClix Smart Frame today and experience the Group Video Calling magic first hand!